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You get access to hours of videos, live workshops, exercise plans, nutrition plans, how to lose weight and build muscle, all of this that will help you become the better you. You also get two free one-on-one coaching with certified individuals in fitness and nutrition that can help you with your exact fitness and nutrition. Basically they help you take control of your own fitness and nutrition. 

You can cancel at anytime. You will be charged exactly $9 per month after the first 7 days. 

What To Do After Signing Up:

All memberships are done through PayPal. After purchase you will be taken to the group website and asked some questions. Make sure to answer the ones that are questions fully or you will be denied entry. 

Once you have purchased your membership, you will be taking to BariatricA  page. This is where you will message us and let us know that you have purchased a package and as well if the name is not the same as your profile let us know what name it is under. 

If you have any questions please go to Contact Us and send us a message. 

Subscriptions Options

$15 per month Gold Plan with 7 Day FREE Trial - access to the entire group including all videos, posts, live workshops, exercise plans, nutrition plans, instructions on how you can help yourself lose weight and/or build lean muscle mass, all that you need to take control of your health. Unlimited monthly contact to the one-on-one coaching for your fitness, nutrition, and motivational needs. 

You can cancel at anytime. If you subscribed to the $15, you will be charged $15 after the 7 day free trial.