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BariatricA Premium, LLC

Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation, and More

Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability, and More
Learn to become the healthiest version of yourself.


You get access to hours of videos, live workshops, exercise plans, nutrition plans, how to lose weight and build muscle, all of this that will help you become the better you. You will have access to a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Fitness Nutritionist Specialist, ASFA Yoga Instructor and ASFA Personal Trainers. 


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What is BariatricA Premium LLC?

BariatricA Premium was created to help people looking to lose weight and get into shape with their fitness, nutrition, and other information in a trusted way because there is a lot of false information )out there and some people do not have hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to spend on seeing a nutritionist, hiring a personal trainer, seeing someone for motivation or even personal or relationship issues. 

BariatricA Premium is a group for people looking for help in fitness, nutrition, and motivation in a private and secure Facebook group. There is information for people with special needs including Bariatric surgery (pre and post operation), Type 1 Diabetics, and others. 

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